Servicing the Alternative Market

Club Channel

As the warehouse Club Channel continues to grow at a rapid rate, the future looks great for this class of trade.  All the warehouse clubs seem the same in concept.  However, there are important differences among the Clubs.  Understanding the unique selling approach needed for each Club determines whether or not your product makes it into the shopping cart of the devoted Club shopper. With more and more items being sold under each Club’s Private Label, it is essential to have the knowledge and resources necessary to develop these products.

Forseasons has a proven track record on all of the above. Forseasons entered this venue in its infancy as one of the first brokers to sell BJ’s Wholesale Club in its first month of operation in 1984. Since that time, we have had the good fortune of adding Sam’s and Costco to our customer list.  This channel is our second largest revenue producer supporting over 14 of our lines.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Massachusetts
Costco (All Divisions) Various
Sam’s Club Bentonville, Arkansas